Phoebe Women's Fellowship

The women in these Small Groups are Mighty Prayer Warriors! Through their prayers come; healings, ministering to others, and strong friendships! My wife Helen leads and works closely with this ministry throughout the Christian and non-Christian areas of India. She has conducted three Women's retreats this past year with at least 50 women attending each retreat. They participate in seminars, witness healings from God, and hear the Word of God; and many women accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior. We were also able to bless two women with sewing machines and free training on how to use them, so they may help provide for their families. Praise God for this important ministry!!!

Men's Fellowship

Part of the Indian culture and mindset, especially in the villages, is that the women are the only ones who need to attend church. God placed it on my heart that I need to focus on the men through prayer meetings and sermons to bring them to church and teach them about a relationship with God. By God's Grace I am conducting two men’s fellowship prayer meetings along with giving many sermons throughout this past year. Now by the Grace of God many more men are attending church to learn more about God. Thank God!

Angel House

Our Angel House is a home for children who have been orphaned or who come from such poor families that their parents are unable to feed and educate them. We currently have 15 children in our home and 35 children on a waiting list to join our home. Please Pray for us to receive more financial support so we are able to feed and educate more children in our Angel House.

Mercy Feeding Center

We currently have one after school feeding center, (with 100 children)! These Christian-based centers are designed as a safe place where children can come, hear the Gospel, get tutoring help and eat a healthy, balanced meal, (rice, vegetables, egg, and milk).

Schools of Promise

We have 50 Sunday School Centers bringing children to a relationship with God. We are currently ministering to all the denominational and nondenominational churches in the state of Andhra Pradesh. We have 50 Sunday school teachers teaching every Sunday along with other week days. We are reaching children every week in 1500 different villages and towns in our state. We are concentrating on Yanadi, (tribal people who hunt, fish and sweep streets for a living), Chench, (people who make baskets with bamboo reeds to sell in the streets), and other very poor children from other tribal villages. This past year we taught the gospel to kindergarten age through 8th grade children, (5 to 13 year olds).